Lincoln T. Soldati Esq.

Attorney at Law

Former Prosecutor

Criminal Defense Attorney

DWI Attorney

General Practitioner


Public Speaker

Criminal Justice Advocate

Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle:
Including: DWI, Habitual Offender, ALS & CDL Hearings, Under 20 Hearings, Driving After Revocatio/Suspension, Conduct After an Accident

Criminal Defense:
All statutory offenses including: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Child Pornography, Fraud, Burglary, Arson, etc.

Civil Litigation:
Including: Personal Injury,  Automobile Accidents, Negligent Premises, Slip and Fall or other Personal Injuries.

Witness Representation:
Before for Grand Juries, Superior Court, District Court and other forums.

Contract Issues:
Including: Contract Drafting, Negotiations, Disputes and Litigation.

Domestic Matters:
Including: Restraining Orders, Stalking and Domestic Violence Petitions

Administrative Proceedings:
Including: Department of Motor Vehicles, New Hampshire Liquor Commission, Divsion of Chidren Youth and Families, Employment Security, etc.